1. General Provisions.

1.1. You agree that this “Agreement” is an official document confirming the consent of the parties to the voluntary and obligatory acceptance of the conditions defined here, and has Moral and Legal force. If you do not agree with this - do not use the site

1.2. Parties - are related to “private event in the form of a gameplay”, and are considered in the text of this Agreement in the abstract, as “Inviter” and “Participant” (of the “PrixTree” game), however, they are specific persons.

1.3 “Inviter” - the website (“PrixTree” game algorithm) is the provider of the opportunity to participate in the event, which consists in granting the right to temporary use of one's own property, defined here in the form of the website and the built-in function of the “PrixTree” game algorithm offered in as a public offer for general use, but only subject to the acceptance of this “Agreement” by each of the “Participants”, personally, with the assumption of full responsibility for any action, as well as inaction that creates any negative consequences, qualified in the legal field of any country in the World , both legally legal and illegal.

1.4. The term of this “Agreement” is limited, and is valid from the moment of the commencement of any actions related to the website physically located at the equipment and storage mediums owned by the initiators of and available in the form of an image - the beholded result of the equipment operation and interpretation of the program code, the content of which , depends only on the actions of the “Participant” - displayed solely on his initiative, and because of his voluntary visit to the website at Persons who do not have access to the site, do not visit it and are not its users - are not “Participants”, are not related to this document, and the term of the “Agreement” does not apply to them, however, it applies to everyone the visitor to this website and to all persons who voluntarily are “Participants”.

1.5. Any content displayed by accessing the addresses of the domain and its sub-domains with the extension (for example,, is located on a host owned or rented by the initiators (owners) therefore, access to any of these addresses automatically activates the legal effect of this Agreement. Any relationship to the website initiates the status of a “Participant”, acceptance of the content of this “Agreement” and its automatic acceptance.

1.6. Changing the domain address through spoofing in the memory of a computer, server and other devices on the network, as well as spoofing IP addresses, network packages, and all other actions are illegal (hacker), require investigation and criminal prosecution from the side of the law. In such cases, this “Agreement” also applies to third parties who violate the law, are criminals who initiate access to the website by illegal means, or prevent the normal access of users of the website and the “Participants”, or disrupt its normal operation, or the operation of equipment belonging to the initiator of this private event, that is, the “Inviter”.

1.7. The initiators and owners of (“PrixTree” game algorithm) have the right to change the text of this “Agreement” without warning and explaining the reasons in order to protect their rights, or the rights of the “Participants”.



2. Event of “Inviter” - “PrixTree” gameplay.

2.1. The event offered by the “Inviter” is a gameplay and virtual imitation on the Internet, implemented for the purpose of entertainment, development of communication skills, organizational skills in the gaming environment, coordination of game team interaction, friendly mutual assistance and regulation of virtual cryptocurrency funds that are not real money, by using the “PrixTree” algorithm. The game process is realized as a result of the operation of the equipment and through the interpretation of the program code and is initiated at the initiative of the “Participant” confirming his desire to participate in the game on a paid basis and accepting the terms of this “Agreement”.

2.2. “Participant” accepts these conditions voluntarily and on its own initiative.

2.3. The website (and the “PrixTree” algorithm) is the intellectual property of the initiators (owners) and is a virtual tool, using which the “Participant” fulfills the need for entertainment, communication and interaction with other people, users of the Internet and the website.

2.4. The website (and the “PrixTree” algorithm) creates a gaming environment, but does not produce actual consumer content, except for providing the opportunity to use the PrixTree algorithm, as well as static design, legal documentation, user instructions, displaying publicly available statistics, alerts and advertising of entrance tickets (tickets). Consumer content within is statistical data on the actions of users (“Participants”) organized by the “PrixTree” algorithm and data from the cryptocurrency networks LTC (Litecoin) and BCH (Bitcoin Cash).

2.5. The user is invited to join the gameplay by PrixTree algorithm. To participate, one must have a valid Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet address and an entry amount in LTC or BCH cryptocurrency. In addition, the player must have a ticket-invitation (ticket) from another game participant (game partner, mentor and upliner). Here, as in many other games, the aspect of self-actualization is included: Am I capable? Will I be able to build a gaming team? Will I be able to find people who are interested in this game? A team in which each game partner knows the rules of the game, understands the PrixTree algorithm and is able to set himself exactly the same goal - “I want to build a team and win”. An indicator of success in this game is the amount in cryptocurrency obtained according to the PrixTree algorithm - the minimum indicator to which every player aspires: to return the funds spent on entering the game and hope for profit - trying to reach the maximum indicators.

2.6. Not every team member (gaming partner) is able to find partners for himself (he probably overestimated his capabilities), therefore the PrixTree algorithm provides for helping a random gaming partner who is unable to find partners in the game - any player, being an upliner, can find a “Stop-Ticket” hindering the development of the gameplay and take measures to promote it, i.e. You can help another player find an interested gaming partner. Search for “Stop-Tickets” is possible up to any level. A positive result is not guaranteed. For a stable development of the gameplay, keep in touch with partners and be a mentor to them so that they do the same and try to help their partners and assist them in their search. So you can control the gameplay and get the maximum amount of cryptocurrency (BCH, LTC).

2.7. The website and the PrixTree algorithm ensure complete anonymity of users. There is no registration on the site and there is no way to reveal your identity to a general audience. This feature supports the policy of the used cryptocurrencies Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), like most cryptocurrencies. In this way, we ensure the protection of the individual and individuality, as well as support the protection of Human Rights and freedom of choice, regardless of citizenship and country of residence. To identify the “Participant” PrixTree uses a unique cryptocurrency address and password chosen by the participant himself. Password protection is carried out by the “Participant” himself through its nondisclosure and secure storage.

2.8. The site may contain important information regarding both the operation of the PrixTree algorithm and the work regulations of the site. Please pay attention to this. Particularly important information will be duplicated on a special information resource, in telegram channels and official blogs on social networks.

2.9. A detailed explanation of the operation of the algorithm and game logic can be found on the main page of the website. To study, follow the links «algorithm», «IN» located on the top panel of the main page of the site.

2.10. Commentary: It is likely that if you find even one good and active partner, you will not only get your money back, but also be able to make a profit. But, theoretically, it may be that you will find a large number of partners, but they will turn out to be 100% passive, then your funds will be at risk. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to return funds from the cryptocurrency wallets of your upstream partners. In this case, the “Inviter” will not be able to return the funds to you. The algorithm does not provide for fundraising to compensate for the loss of those who entered the game irresponsibly, did not analyze their capabilities well enough and spent money without good reason. If you are not sure if you can find a sufficient number of partners, do not enter the PrixTree game.

2.11. Upon entering the game, the “Participant” must confirm that he have a sufficient number of game partners! - This is a measure to protect the rights of the “Inviter”, but it is necessary to avoid any conflict situations associated with accusations of fraud. The “Inviter”, using this “Agreement”, warns about the factor of the ever-growing level of difficulty in finding game partners. “Participant” accepts these terms and conditions voluntarily. Everything here is absolutely fair.

2.12. By accepting this user agreement, you “Participant” agree to this provision.

2.13. The organization of the event and the provision of the opportunity to participate in the game process is not the production of material goods, but requires the costs necessary to ensure the operation of the equipment, pay for the working time of the service personnel; purchase, maintenance and rental of dedicated servers and other expenses. For this reason, the algorithm collects a commission in the amount of 4.4% of the player's entry into the game process. The initiators and the team do not account for this amount to the audience of the “Participants” and are not responsible for the likely misuse of these funds. The commission is paid by the “Participant” voluntarily, and with an understanding of this need.

2.14. “Participant” accepts this condition and agrees with this provision.

2.15. The “Inviter” forms the amount of the Reserve Fund, which is necessary for the urgent solution of problems in unforeseen situations. The funds of the Reserve Fund are formed by means of a charge in the amount of 4.1% of the amount of the “Participant's” entry into the game process. The “Inviter”, the initiators and the team guarantee absolute transparency in terms of how these funds are spent. The total fund size (amount) is displayed on the home page of the website. The decision to spend the resources of the Reserve Fund is taken by the initiators of the event (owners) of on certain grounds and when certain situations arise, for example: The need to urgently purchase expensive equipment; The need for urgent organization of an additional host; The need to urgently expand the staff; Urgently taking measures to protect against DDOS attacks, and other unforeseen situations requiring significant funds. If the funds of the Reserve Fund are not in demand, the initiators have the right to use them for the development of new projects. When deciding on the spending of the Reserve Fund, the initiators will take into account the opinion of the audience of “Participants” and notify about the decision in Telegram channels and in groups in Social networks.

2.16. “Participant” accepts this condition and agrees with this provision.

* * *

Information: Today on the planet Earth, more than 150,000 people have a birthday and they are 18 years old. There will be more of them tomorrow. The population growth (2021) is more than 265,000 per day and this number is constantly growing. The volume of one PrixTree branch is limited to 960.799 members, because the seventh level for any address is the last - participation in the game for this address (in this branch) is terminated. Therefore, taking into account the specifics of the PrixTree game, it can be argued that the theoretical opportunity to find seven game partners will never run out. It can be difficult, but what can't you do for the favorite game.

2.17. The “Participant” assumes responsibility for voluntarily participating in the paid game “PrixTree” for experience, entertainment and enjoyment.


3. The rights of the “Inviter”.

3.1. The “Inviter” officially declares to the “Participant” the possibility of any changes to the website - without any notifications, warnings, or explanation of reasons. The “Participant”, in turn, accepts this statement as an inherent property of this event. “Participant” has no claim whatsoever in relation to these terms.

3.2. The “Inviter” warns the “Participant” about the possibility of a computer infection with a virus while using the site - excluding liability for the consequences associated with this. The “Participant” accepts these conditions and acknowledges the absence of fault of the “Inviter” in this case.

3.3. The “Inviter” warns about the possible inaccuracy of the displayed data, this may be due to errors in the program code. The team will do everything possible to eliminate errors that may arise. Users will be alerted when errors are found. The “Participant” understands this and uses or does not use this data under his own responsibility. The “Participant” accepts these conditions and acknowledges the absence of fault of the “Inviter” in this case.

3.4. The “Inviter” warns about the probable, full or partial, loss of funds if: The “Participant” has failed to attract a sufficient number of partners to the game; If the gaming partners have not made the payment corresponding to the regulations; If partners do not attract partners.

3.5. To participate in the game, you must have static BCH and LTC addresses - this is an important condition for the game. First of all, find out if your wallet address will change after sending funds. If your BCH / LTC address is unavailable, it will be impossible to return your funds. The system will not be able to send or return funds to an address that is not registered in the system. Each player “Participant” agrees to this condition.

3.6. The “Inviter” warns of the possible loss of funds in the event of an error in the Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash networks (this is unlikely, but we provide it as a necessity). In addition, the “Inviter” warns about the possible loss of funds, if necessary, to return the amount to the address that refuses to accept the payment, for any reason. Commentary: Refunds are made only in two cases: 1. If the amount received from the “Participant” is not enough for payment; and 2. If the amount received from the “Participant” is more than 10% higher than the entry amount.

The “Inviter” also warns that in case of transferring funds in excess of the entry amount by less than 10%, the difference is credited to the address of the Reserve Fund. Claims in such cases are not accepted - be careful when managing your funds. The algorithm only manipulates the specified amounts, equivalent to $10 - $600; Surplus exceeding these standards is recognized as a voluntary donation to the PrixTree Reserve Fund, if the transferred amount exceeds the indicated denominations by less than 10%. In other cases, the “Participant” will receive a refund of the balance to the address specified at the entrance.

“Participant” accepts all of the above conditions.

3.7. The “Inviter” has the right to material recovery from the “Participant” by bringing him to responsibility within the framework of the current law, for any damage made to or PrixTree expressed in any form, including moral shock caused to any initiator, hired employee, administrator, representative, support worker who is on duty.

3.8. The “Inviter” assures that it does everything possible to exclude all of the above problems and cases of security breaches. The website only transmits data over encrypted channels, using HTTPS and SSL or TLS with valid certificates. Nevertheless, the security service is forced to protect itself from fraudsters, including legally, therefore the text of this “Agreement” has an extremely prudent content. Please take this into account and understand. This entire text has been compiled to protect your funds and your own safety.

3.9. The “Participant” understands the motives of the “Inviter” - approves the “Inviter” policy, entrusts him with his payment data, cryptocurrency addresses and passwords, and agrees to their processing.

3.10. The “Inviter” has the right to defend his rights in court.


4. Rights of the “Participant”

4.1. The “Participant” has the right to repeatedly enter the game process using another BCH and LTC addresses and passwords, provided there are a sufficient number of game partners. The following entries can be made periodically, in case of making a profit, or if there are a large number of partners who want to participate in the game process. The “Participant” independently and voluntarily builds his strategy of the game and acts according to his decision.

4.2. The “Participant” has the right to use all public services of the website free of charge, except for the use of the “PrixTree” game algorithm.

4.3. The “Participant” has the right to maintain his own blog about the site, publish material about the logic, the PrixTree algorithm, game strategy and strategy for searching game partners. You can advertise your tickets however you want, for money or for free - it's your choice and your game.

4.4. The “Participant” has the right to send information about published objects to friends and in groups, within any site and send it to any Social Networks. In this case, it is permissible to use the “PrixTree” logo, the website logo.

4.5. The “Participant” has the ability to organize users into publicly open groups and create posts of advertising content - without any special restrictions, except for content that should not contain signs of violence, calls for terror, suicide, explicit pornography, materials and texts that are offensive religion and those infringing on the rights of believers, and other materials of immoral content. It must also be remembered that an open group is available to everyone except children and persons under 18 years of age.

4.6. The “Participant” has the right to be among the Chosen for rewarding users, i.e. specifically for receive gifts from, received as a result of the Promotion, or as gratitude for the successful organization of the gameplay, the large number of game partners, for the high traffic on the site due to the work done (here it should be noted that it is inappropriate to beg for a gift , or remind the system administrator of the facts of the size of the game team, and other achievements).

4.7. The “Participant” has the right to refuse the gift, but does not have the right to forward it to another person (the reason does not matter), and also cannot receive compensation for the gift in money or in cryptocurrency.


5. Agreement.

5.1. The “Inviter” initiates and accepts this “Agreement”.

5.2. The “Participant” agrees to these terms and conditions and accepts this “Agreement”.

5.3. By using the site you are a “Participant” and automatically accept this “Agreement”.

All the best. We wish you a fun and interesting game.
With respect. PRIXTREE.NET Team.
05 June 2021