home page interface

how to take part in the game?

how to specify the ticket number?

choice of strategy and entry amount

input amount ranges

entry point (personal account)

«partners transferring»

1. Home page interface.

On the top panel there are links to texts and descriptions. Please read these documents before starting the game.

It displays the amount of funds in the Reserve Fund, part in BCH, and part of funds in LTC. More to the right, the rate of these cryptocurrencies against the US dollar (updated with a frequency of 30 minutes).

2. How to take part in the game?

First of all, you need a personal (external) cryptocurrency wallet that supports cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). There are wallets that support both of these cryptocurrencies (for example, Exodus -

However, if you are the < leader and > will use complex strategies, then it will be more convenient for you to use separate wallets for each of these currencies. You can choose any wallets you want to, but we recommend using Electron Cash for BCH, and Electrum-LTC for Litecoin (links to these wallets:, These are easy to manage, independent and reliable multi-address wallets - this is very important because multiple entries will require a corresponding number of different addresses.

To enter the game, you will need to specify two cryptocurrency addresses: BCH and LTC. You will receive payments automatically and directly - to your personal (external) addresses. There are no internal wallets in the PrixTree system and there is no «funds withdrawal» function. To start the game, insert both addresses and press the «GO» button.

3. How to specify the ticket number?

You can participate in the game only at the invitation of another participant, so you must have a referral link, or a ticket number (7 characters).

After checking the ticket number, you will see information about the available number of entries and the set limits.

In this example, the limit is not set ($10 is the minimum entry amount), therefore, in the next step, you can choose any entry amount. If the $200 limit was set here, then - at the next stage you could choose an entry amount in the range of $200-600.

4. Choice of strategy and entry amount.

At this stage, you choose a strategy and the corresponding entry amount. The choice of strategy depends on the number of upliners and their entry amounts. In this example, you have 6 upliners with entries for 100, 10, 20, 500, 80, 300. Let's say you set an entry for $30 and, later on, plan to invite a partner for $600 - the system shows the amount of your income under such conditions.

You can choose your entry amount $600 - then you will dominate the line, or you can go a more rational and complex way and enter first for $10, and then «under» yourself for 600 (in such case entering for 10 will increase the profitability of your account with entry for 600 and think :)

At the next stage, you can choose a payment method in one of the cryptocurrencies (BCH/LTC), then the system will issue you an invoice to pay for the entrance. The invoice will indicate the address to which you will need to transfer the amount. After confirming the payment, you will be redirected to your entry point (personal account).

5. Input amount ranges.

There are seven entry ranges in PrixTree, i.e. there is a minimum amount of the range and a maximum to which you can increase your bet. This is a list of ranges and maximum amounts:

10 -> 50

50 -> 100

100 -> 200

200 -> 300

300 -> 400

400 -> 500

500 -> 600

Therefore, if you enter the game for 150, you can increase your bet once and up to 200 (the maximum for this range). Increasing in the entry amount (your bet) is available only once (1 time).

Ranges are necessary to not destroy the strategies developed by other participants. Each participant can only moderately influence the strategies of other participants - by slightly adding his entry amount (bet) 1 time.

If you do not like the selected range, then you can lrnter the system as many times as you want to, but using different cryptocurrency addresses (do not miscalculate and do not overdo it - correctly assess your capabilities).

6. Entry point (personal account).

Here is located everything you need: your addresses; referral ticket number (click on the icon on the left and copy the referral link); the amount of total income in each of the currencies; button to view your affiliate structure;

In the middle part: your bet (here it is $100) and the ability to increase it («Add», «+» button); and the minimum entry amount for partners (limit). You can change the limit by clicking on the «Change» button «-o-».

The limit is used to restrict partners transfered by your upliners (with the required entry amount, not lower). If you do not invite a partner within two weeks, the system will start reducing the limit you specified. So that your settings do not interfere with upliners and hinder the development of the entire structure. If you do not invite partners for a long time, then the system will eventually reduce the limit to $10.

At the bottom, the number of your internal coins is displayed. These coins are useless for now, you can transfer them to other participants, however, in the future, you may need these coins and they could acquire real value. At the moment, there is only the announced price of the coin of $600. Coins will be credited to you for achievements in the first and second partners line. The maximum that can be credited to you is 1 coin. We recommend that you appreciate these coins and collect as many as possible ...if you succeed. The system does not restrict transactions.

6. Structure interface (tree).

For a visual view of your structure, click on the «Eye» icon. The figure shows an example of what you will see, but at first it will be empty, of course.

At the upper part there is a branch pointer «A» and a cross icon to exit the structure viewing mode. In the central part is your entry point, ticket number, entry amount, limit. Your upliner (purple «U») and the partners of your first line (large figures in a circle). Digital pointers are the numbers of the partners in their first lines.

At the periphery, you can hover the mouse pointer over any small icon of the partner and you will be shown information: ticket number, partner entry amount and it's set limit. It looks like this:

You can navigate the tree in any direction. Click on the partner's icon and go to his entry point.

7. «Partners transferring».

If you have your first line full, you can invite partners to any line - «transfering» new participants to your partners. The amount of your income will not change, in PrixTree the income does not decrease from the increase in the number of partners and the calculations in any line remain the same. The only difference is that from the parnters of your first line you receive a 5% Bonus, and from other lines you do not receive this bonus (but, the first line is only 7 partners).

«Transferring» increases the potential of your structure as new partners will invite new members, while the income of all upliners of a particular line and your income also grows.

For «transferring» to a specific entry point - click on the partner's icon and copy his referral link. Offer this link to a new candidate (keep limits in mind).

Rejoice and become richer.

Enjoy your game.