The perspective of “PrixTree”

Obviously, someday PrixTree will come to a deadlock. The degree of difficulty of inviting new partners will be high first, then it will start getting lower, and later will grow again. During the process, we will observe outbreaks in different countries, then periods of complete extinction and new outbreaks of temporary activity.

When will it completely fade away?

There is no answer to this question. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the total population (8 billion) and its growth (birth rate 250-300 thousand per day). The site is in 5 languages. We will add other languages later. Given the speed of spread, the probable period before the beginning of the complexity growth cannot be less than 7-10 years, although it is quite probable even 20-30 years. We have time.

What's next?

In the process of income growth, we will start developing a project that you will certainly love, because it applies to all of us and every inhabitant of our beautiful Planet. At the same time, this project will serve as a tool for breaking the PrixTree deadlock. Unfortunately, in the current conditions, when ideas are immediately stolen, we cannot tell the details of the project.

What are the prospects?

Everything looks like the «People» are no longer able to remove the rubbish with their own hands. Obviously, robots will do it. We have ideas, technologies, and ready-made conceptual solutions that will greatly facilitate this task for robots. For implementation, even at the initial stage, a quite large amount is needed. We can start development if we have $ 2-3 million.

To implement this project, we introduced 4.1% deductions to the Reserve Fund in PrixTree, which will perform two tasks: 1. Ensuring security. In case of urgent need to increase the capacity of the equipment. Urgent dislocation of the laboratory. An urgent increase in the number of programmers; 2. In case the amount of the Reserve Fund is not required (if there is a sufficient amount), we can use these funds to develop new projects.

The second deduction of 4.4% is intended for the algorithm maintenance. Maintaining a stable operating state of the system, i.e. these are: salary of programmers, rent of racks in Data Centers for servers, rent of premises, and other operating expenses. We build our project honestly with no hidden details. We do not declare - «100% to the network», because it should be clear to all of you that maintaining the operation of the system and equipment requires costs.

With your help, We want to make our planet cleaner.

The perspective of the development of new projects (in each of which you can take part) depends on PrixTree, on us, and on each of you - we promise and will do it. Believe in us.

Let it be interesting for you!

Joy and Happiness to you.