PrixTree policy is determined based on many factors, including: the worldview of the initiators; the intention to offer the society something fundamentally new; the desire to support the global trend of expanding human freedom, protecting the right to make decisions based on subjective opinion and act - if this does not contradict the law, does not harm others and does not violate their civil rights; this is the desire to support the development of blockchain technologies and decentralized cryptocurrency payment systems - we are supporters of everything that prevents dictatorship, negative political and economic influence of specific individuals, states and governments on the development of all mankind in a way that is beneficial to them; we are against scientific terrorism (preventing the development of new technologies for the sake of large companies and a fabricated pseudo-economic threat); we are against any form of violence and restriction of “Human Rights”; we are categorically against any crimes.

* * *

The realization of the idea of ​​maintaining the maximum level of “Human Freedom” in “PrixTree” is embedded in the very concept of the game. Many ordinary people will perceive it as quite impudent, defiant, and even going beyond all limits, but this is not at all the case. We foresaw different negative opinions, and we offer the following reasoning: Killing people and animals in other online games does not cause even a share of negative judgments in most people; Playing online poker is not immoral either ... it is just a sport in which no one will return the money lost. Here, in principle, the same thing, but - a social gaming environment is being implemented, which requires developed communication skills, the ability to tell, to convey the essence of the algorithm to potential game partners.

The goal in the game “PrixTree” is the maximum number of game partners united in one game team - able to act according to a certain strategic template. This is a competition, not only in the aspect of comparing the listed skills (not all of them are indicated here, but this is not important), but also in the corresponding amount of BCH collected by the player. For many people, it is the latter that is a powerful incentive for active action. It is wonderful.

It is not hidden here that the difficulty of the game will constantly grow. Finding game partners, at some stage, will become quite difficult, but not impossible - given the population growth and the specifics of the game. Not everyone will like it (this is quite natural), and besides this - not everyone will find the potential for solving such a specific and complex problem.

This is a very ambitious challenge: Find game partners and build a cohesive game team.

We, the initiators of the game “PrixTree”, declare: Everything here is absolutely fair and transparent.

To study the conditions of the game, it is recommended to study: “prologue”, “politics”, “user agreement”. Do not enter the game without studying these documents and analyze your capabilities well. If you fail to cope with the task, you risk not returning the money that you paid for entering the game. Although, there is nothing to worry about, often we just spend on games, not thinking about the return of funds - we pay for our pleasure.


Our reaction to the perception of the game is very simple: Did you study the game? If this game doesn't suit you - you shouldn't play it - just close all pages of website and never visit it. By using the website you automatically accept the “User Agreement”.


Offering the game “PrixTree” we tried to take into account all the details to meet the needs of consumers, making it as accessible, simple and understandable as possible. The amount of entry (equivalent to $10 - $600) was not chosen by chance, its size is both average available and optimal to maintain the players' sense of responsibility and ensure the development of the gameplay process.


Honestly, we had a desire to provide the ability to track all transactions, thereby ensuring full transparency of the algorithm, but due to the fact that this will create direct associations [of specific people and their cryptocurrency addresses], we had to abandon this idea. We limited ourselves to a detailed description of the algorithm and provided access to each entry point to study any branch of the game and conveniently search for the nearest partner “stop-tickets” - hindering development and requiring the attention of upliners.


Fundamental position regarding “PrixTree”:

first of all - it is a game

01. The best protection of personal data and confidentiality is the absence of registration on the site;

02. PrixTree does not attract investment and does not imitate investment activities;

03. The gameplay is built in a virtual environment created by the “PrixTree” algorithm;

04. The game “PrixTree” satisfies the need for entertainment and enjoyment;

05. The funds used in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) game are virtual funds;

06. Players pay in BCH, LTC for participation in the game, they do it voluntarily;

07. The algorithm does not accumulate participants' funds, with the exception of the Reserve Fund;

08. The reserve fund is formed from personal donations of players - 4.1% of the entry amount;

09. “PrixTree” distributes 91.5% of the funds received among the participants of the game;

10. The administration and the “PrixTree” algorithm do not guarantee success in the game;

11. The algorithm does not guarantee a refund and profit;

12. To enter the game - the player must accept the “User Agreement”.


This position is built in order to protect the rights of initiators and participants in the game “PrixTree”. The game is aimed at fans of MLM systems, but anyone who has reached the age of 18 can participate in it (this is indicated in the “User Agreement”).

If in the country of which you are a citizen, participation in such games is prohibited - do not participate in the game, so as not to violate the law. Making a profit (even through the game) - obliges you to pay “Profit Tax”. Comply with applicable laws - pay taxes.

To study the conditions of the game, it is recommended to carefully study: “prologue”, “politics”, “user agreement”. Do not enter the game without reading these documents.

We wish you a fun game.
Sincerely, PRIXTREE.NET team.